At the age of 16, Cuba was already on the ramps across the world, walking for renowned names. A passion for professional photography took over soon after and he developed his own style and technique over the years.

He developed an interest in fashion magazines when he was 5 years old. Thereon began his love with fashion and fashion photography. Being a technical geek, the camera was the best thing that he ever lay his hands on.

So he followed his instinct and mastered the art of being behind the lens, by studying photography in Berlin. he was based with his Parents in many different countries and he put all cultures and colors in his Photography.

cuba’s work stations are paris , berlin and new york.

he loves to make people beautiful in his pictures. He loves shadows. He loves mystery and he love the magic that results from the two coming together! he would describe his work as that which brings forth the soul of the model/ subject sans retouching/ air brushing.